In the spirit of December, I flew home to Salt Lake City to spend the holiday season with my family and friends. I arrived safely and in time to see my nephew play in his middle school band concert, a melodious way to kick off the events of the season. However, like everyone loves to point out on their facebook quotes of the day, this article will be about the journey and not the destination.

I wanted to start thinking about what situation would spur my mystery story, and felt like the airplane ride would prove an ideal time to do this. I plugged in my ear buds, flipped to an open page in my notebook, and started to plan a murder/abduction/robbery/mystery, mystery plot (I cannot just give it away, people!).

Like any creative person in the throws of imagination I left this world, and my only focus was on the reality I was creating. I even went so far as to create some diagrams of the different methods my criminal will use to pull off the crime. When I feel on the brinks of greatness, I tend to do my suspicious half smile and clap my fingers together softly, perhaps a method learned from my youngest nephew. Usually, people find this endearing… or cliche, but while I was displaying this habit, I finally remembered I was stuck in a metal tube, with a hundred or so strangers, all of which had no way out until we landed. Moreover, here I was happily diagraming how a crime would take place!

My neighbor sitting in 18B seemed to be finding a fascination with my pen’s movement. I usually would have covered up my work, maybe even put it away, and pulled out my Charles Dicken’s novel, and pretend that I was the average literary nerd; However, I was feeling aggressive, okay passive aggressive, maybe from giving my criminal mind a workout. So I wrote ‘victims’ in capital letters, and went so far as to underline it three times. Because we all know that three underlines give an unprecedented level of importance to a segment of writing, such as ‘go grocery shopping or die.’ Underneath my new category I wrote the following:

  • inconsiderate flyers whose elbows dig into my ribs
  • people who read my private writings

Let’s just say that 18B turned rosy and their phones ‘two dots’ game became the most fascinating thing in the flying kingdom. I could see this clearly because their entire body had shifted away from me, allowing my ribs to fully expand in a satisfied breath.