I have enjoyed my reading for mystery month (a review on “The Problem with Room 13” coming soon), but I have started to stress about the writing portion. While talking the other day with a friend and I found myself complaining that “I don’t think enough like a murderer.” Now, of course, this made perfect sense in my mind, but I should have eased into the conversation by letting them know I was thinking about my story ideas. But the statement also held truth; I could not find a motive for murder or the process of one carried out.

I stared at my notebook for all of January trying to will a mystery story onto the paper. It contained that bright note that “first a murder happens,” what’s the saying? “No shit Sherlock” applies here. I had some ideas for thrillers and horror but not a mystery. My mothlike activity towards those genres might show me that my experiment is working. Perhaps I have a more natural leaning towards those styles. Time will tell.

But last night, while I counted how many hours of sleep I would get if I finally fell asleep, bam! There it was. The situation, the motive, and a police outline (har, har, har) of a character. I wasn’t able to fall asleep after that; I scribbled in the notebook on my nightstand instead. Work dragged on today; I desired only a quiet room where I could write. But alas my students needed help with their learning and stuff… geez how selfish of them. For your enjoyment a great quote from a student who didn’t want to edit their perfect first draft, “I took a year long writing course last year.” Yes, I’m sure you did, but seeing how I have just a few more years than your Freshmen writing course… maybe you would consider looking at your wild overuse of ‘to be’ verbs. I still edit and I have a Masters degree, what am I thinking? Teens, I love them. Yes. I’m crazy.

Now goodbye world, I hope all the extroverts enjoy their socially stimulating Friday night. I have a date with my hot cocoa, imagination, and an apple computer.