Please read parts 1 and 2 before this one! 

And he came upon the spot, scanning for clues, not horror. At first, he thought his imagination punished him for analyzing the pictures of Susan’s murder, but the smell of rotting meat convinced him his eyes saw reality. A young woman hung suspended in the killing tree by her wrists. Her head drooped like a poisoned weed, her expression dulled by the hair covering her face. Blood ran from the ropes that cut into her midsection to replenish the crimson pound beneath her. However, it’s the main source came from the severed feet that appeared completely missing.

Odin felt he would never leave this moment even though he begged every God he ever learned about to start time; the second hand remained without advancement. His panicked mind no longer completed a circuit with his body, and every command to look or run away went unanswered. His lungs, demanded air at a more rapid pace, even though every gulp grated over them like sandpaper. Finally, he produced a cry, one barely audible to his own ears. He tried again, and this time a scream escaped that caused the birds to fly.

Because time had stopped, the glissading woman who came out of the woods looked magical. ‘This lady could time travel’ he thought. And laughter shrieked out of him producing pain in his abdominal muscles. Stopping evaded him but he did not want to. He refused to return to staring at the body or screaming. Shrinking was his lullaby.

“Odin,” the woman shook him, “Odin!” Shrikes answered her. “ Okay honey, everything is going to be fine.” The woman took off her jacket and draped it over both of their heads. His laughter started to subside as she counted his breaths from one to ten. She counted slower every round until his breathing flattened. “Now sweetie, I am going to be with you the entire time. I called the Sheriff when I heard your screams, he’ll be here soon.”

“Sheriff Frey?” Odin asked hopefully.

The woman nodded, “Yeah, you know him from your stunts around town don’t ya?”

Odin hesitated before asking his next question. He didn’t know what answer would make him more pleased. “Am I crazy?”

“Why would you be crazy?”

“Because you’re so calm, I must have imagined it all. Right?” Odin shifted as if to look out of the jacket enclosing.

“No,” she stopped him from peering out, “honey I am calm because you need me to be, inside not so much. Now I was speaking to Shelly Langford the other day, and I have some questions.”

Even though the situation was serious Odin answered as he always did when someone asked him questions, “I didn’t do it.”

She smiled and lifted up her painted on eyebrow, “You didn’t put glue in her hair?”

“Oh,” Odin said, “well that was a long time ago.”

“I see,” the woman started but stopped when she heard the police cruiser pull to a stop near them. “That must be the sheriff. He will have some questions.” Odin nodded and turned around before exiting the jacket. He never wanted to see that hanging woman again. A wish his dreams did not honor. “But Odin?”


“Try to leave Shelly alone.”

“Why do you care?”

“I’m her mother.” Shocked by the declaration, Odin looked down at his feet, which proved to be a bad idea because then he started to think about the woman who no longer had feet. Without saying another word he took off the jacket.

Sheriff Frey stood in front of Odin, “Let’s get you home. I think you’ve seen enough.”