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Choosing the genre with the longest novels for the shortest month qualifies as bad planning. But I adore fantasy books and abhor February. February doesn’t have many holidays, besides the card and flower parade and Presidents day, it is after the winter weather has outstayed its welcome but still isn’t going anywhere, and it’s the month you realize you wont meet all of your new year resolutions. Obviously, that’s the reason they decided to make it so short. So, I thought I would cheer up the dreary winter by traveling to new lands. Because of my love affair with this genre, it proved difficult to choose a book to read.

Lord of the Rings/ Hobbit -> read

Chronicles of Narnia -> read

Game of Thrones -> read

The Dark Tower Series -> read

Harry Potter -> read

The list could go on and on. I also knew I wanted to avoid a series, not through a hatred of series but quite the opposite. If I get drawn into a fantasy series, I’ll never move on to a different genre. And so I searched for the best stand alone fantasy books and found Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay. Tigana is massive, and so I started reading it straight away and have to say I am enjoying it. But more on that in my Tigana review.

So that leaves the need for two short stories. At first I wondered if fantasy short stories existed. After it proved so hard to find a fantasy book that wasn’t a series, I figured fantasy authors were always long winded. And then I thought I was silly because fables count as fantasy and I read them all the time. Again, I needed to be careful to pick something I already haven’t read. I found a collection of short fantasy stories in the library called Tales Before Tolkien: The Roots of Modern Fantasy put together by Douglas A. Anderson. There are so many at my fingertips that I will read more than the required story amount. In fact, I already have!

I have read and will review soon:

  • “The Dragon Tamers” by E. Nesbit
  • “Chu-bu and Sheemish” by Lord Dunsany
  • “The Griffin and the Minor Canon” by Frank R. Stockton.