The Griffin and the Minor Canon is an adorable story. Frank R. Stockton pulls a reader in with a narcissistic Griffin on a quest to admire himself at the base of a small town’s church. Having no mirrors or still waters in the wilds the Griffin inhabits, he claims to have never seen another Griffin. Here I have a little bit of a pondering because what happened to his mother? Do Griffins have mothers? The story doesn’t answer this line of questioning. However, the story makes a great ‘odd couple’ affair when the Minor Canon is asked to keep the Griffin from destroying the town. If you enjoy stories with strange duets, townspeople that only stir up trouble, and a somewhat happy ending, then this little gem is an excellent night time yarn.

Using my writer’s glasses I learned that I like the stories in which it sounds like the narrator is talking to you. I noticed that this effect comes from having almost every first sentence as a ‘this happened next’ sentence. Stockton pulls this off without it sounding like a boring history textbook. I am hoping to incorporate a little bit of this style in this month’s story.