After a short five hour nights sleep on a bed filled with water Kianika found herself remounting the hippocampus surrounded by an entourage of Tritons. They planned to travel to a location near the dragons home. Glacial Cove perplexed the people of Matoria, for even in the hottest of summers it looked like the ice grew, populating the water with massive icebergs. Now that Kianika understood what produced the icebergs she didn’t think that people should make day trips to play on them anymore.

All three sisters also came, balanced on hippocampi in their water forms, distinguishable only by their hair color. They decided that they should come, even though they needed to stay far away from the dragon for obvious reasons. Kianika tried to get an explanation of some sort of plan, but the sisters avoided her questioning. They said that they needed to assess the situation when they got closer to the monster’s lair.

The first thing that Kianika noticed was how cold the water became when they neared Glacial Cove. The second was the lack of life, none of the coral lived here, nor the tropical fish that had painted the landscape of Procella’s Palace. She also noticed what appeared to be a ship graveyard. She knew that some ships had sunk near Glacial Cove, but this looked like hundreds. Some of them were resting on top of each other like logs waiting to start a gigantic fire.

They chose a ship that was close enough to the Ice Fortress of the dragon and Procella went to work draining a part of the ship so that Kianika, Tera, and Anima could be comfortable in their elements. After they had settled in, all three Queens looked at Kianika expecting a brilliant plan. She didn’t respond. Nothing that she could do would help the situation. So instead she peered out the porthole at the fortress, ignoring their desperate glances.

The thick ice walls of the fortress loomed up like an underwater mountain. One with spirals, and icicles that could have lined the roof of a giant’s abode. The pale blue of the ice contrasted with the ocean’s darker tones, making the fortress look like a sunken city, lit up for the nightly prowls of youth. Near the center of the castle, a red light glowed, pacing back and forth as if agitated. Sunken ships went all the way up to the castle itself like a plank boardwalk. It looked like the ice would be impenetrable, and Kianika almost gave up hope. As she thought about the mountain of ice, an idea formed. She knew she had allied with powerful beings, and if they were powerful enough, she might have something that would work. Kianika wanted to see what the Queens could do. She pivoted to meet their eyes, “I have a plan. It will take all of us to pull it off, and a lot of magic.”