I will be posting the ending to the fantasy story tonight. Although it will be hard to finish it, I have found that this current story wants to be a lot longer than a short story. But I can always go back to it. But THIS post is the final review I am required to give to meet my challenge.

This month I read Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay. This is a stand-alone fantasy novel, which is part of the reason I choose it. I knew I couldn’t start a fantasy series without damaging my plans to move on to the next genre in March. I also chose this book because it had high reviews by most readers. Unfortunately, I didn’t seem to get the same satisfaction from the book as others. Let me explain why.

Tigana is a book that tries to answer ‘what is in a name’. The book is set in a fantasy land that has been taken over by two feuding sorcerers. The reader is following the oppressed group who is trying to win back their freedom from the sorcerer. The entire driving force is because their city’s name ‘Tigana’ has been erased from all memory except for those who lived in Tigana at the time of its takeover. The reason for wiping off the old moniker is because the town was assumed responsible for the sorcerer son’s death. In grief, he stole their name and destroyed the city. The novel’s protagonists wish to get the name restored.

This force that drove the entire story seemed trivial to me. I would have liked to have seen some of the culture that was destroyed rather than just the name. Names hold value, but only if they represent something bigger. Without any details of what was lost, I felt no sense of suffering.

I did like the character development of Dianora. She is a woman born in Tigana. She sets out to assassinate the sorcerer (Brandin) in revenge for Tigana’s name being stolen. I like the twist because slowly she starts to fall in love with Brandin which makes for nice sections of internal struggle.

All in all, not a terrible read, in fact pretty entertaining but the almost cult-like fandom doesn’t seem justified.