Foster is a very simple story, told in simple wiring, but the feelings it evokes in one are anything but. I read the story two times in a row to comprehend the meaning, and I could get something new out of a third time read. Everyone who has a bit of time should read this work. And don’t believe my suggestion, consider the opinion of the awards the story has received.

The historical factor shows through the hardships of Ireland. A young girl finds herself at her Aunt and Uncle’s house, for an unknown period of time. It is clear that she is a from a family who is poverty stricken and one gets the feeling that the parents can’t afford to take care of the young girl, hence her impromptu trip to relatives.

When you boil down the story the differences are as such: her Aunt and Uncle lost something, and so they treat the girl like a gem, her family has many children, so they forget to cherish her. I don’t wish to say anything more than that because you should read it. Go! Read.