I have no idea who stole April. I have had a lot happen this month, and it has lead to a slow turn of events on the blogosphere; Yet, I am bound and determined to put out a story by tomorrow. I have sat near my computer for hours today trying to work on my story idea that I mentioned at the beginning of the month. I have come to the conclusion that it can’t live as a short story; it is a novel-length idea. The concept of the character arc requires time to become believable.
However, I like the idea so much that I can’t seem to come up with another. And so I need a plan of attack… drum roll, please…..  
  • Go old school with a writing prompt (I am going to find a picture as the catalyst)
  • Use the A-Z story writing exercise
  • Free write and enjoy the challenge of not knowing where you are going
  • Treat May as a ZERO TV month, dang you American Horror Story!
ABC stories are a simple concept that helps to get some juices flowing, but they also put a limit on the amount of juice you can pound. Each sentence starts with a new letter: 26 sentences, 26 letters. It is an exercise I did in high school, and I remember enjoying what came out. I hope that it will be a pleasant surprise this time around as well!