Welcome to Thriller month! And no I am not talking about zombies dancing with the king of pop but the genre style that keeps you on your toes… perhaps doing a bit of a moon walk. I love thrillers so it should be a pretty good month. No story ideas yet but I am speeding through the novel for this month. So without further suspense…….

I am picking Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane. I read Mystic River earlier in my life and devoured it so I thought I would give this raved about book a shot too. I anticipate finishing it this evening. This month, I am going to dig into some of Lehane’s techniques for keeping those pages turning rather than a strict review.

For the short stories, I am going to choose two from Stephen King. I am doing this for two reasons: one, if I get the book I’ll get both short stories together and don’t need to track down another and two, I love Stephen King. I’ll be reading “A Good Marriage” and “1922”.

That’s all for now, expect a review on Shutter Island soon!