This review will have spoilers. The novella is a great read and I highly encourage you to flip the pages late into the night before reading this review.

If you think that perfect families exist, you should stop reading this post. Now if you believe that families all have their dark sides and you want to feel a bit better about yours keep reading. At least I sure hope this will help make you feel better. The husband and narrator in the story waste no time in telling you two important things: 1) he murdered his wife 2) he made his son help him. In fact, this information appears in the first paragraph.

The decision to start a thriller by telling everything the main events up front startles the reader. In fact, the shock propels you forward, turning the page late into the night. How is he going to hide her? Well, she went down the well, also revealed in the first paragraph. So why keep reading? I found it impossible not to. I wanted to know why he was writing this confession, why did the son go along with it, why did he murder his wife, why didn’t someone find her in the well. So many questions burning inside that needed an answer.

Flip the page.

Then you start to see the psychological mind games the father starts to play with his son. Even though you know the outcome, you start to hope that somehow the son can resist, that the narrator is lying to you, that he is one locked up crazy bastard, not one out on the loose. Because then we don’t have to analyze our own mind games that we play with other people in our lives.

Flip the page.

Now if you still haven’t read it. Go for it. I am going to stop there with the spoilers. What a talent to tell the ‘plot’ at the beginning and spend the rest of the time telling a story. Nicely played Mr. King.