When you make the rules, you get to break the rules. When I started this blog, I began with the purpose of finding which genre I liked the best. The gimmick was a different genre each month, but the actual purpose was to get my juices flowing and narrow down the choices. It has helped with that decision.

I like my fantasy story most of all, and it is also the one I had the most fun writing. I also enjoy the thrillers. I can’t stop reading this month! I have doubled my Goodreads book challenge in the month of May. I found out that I will be too much of a historical perfectionist to write historical fiction, and that mysteries are quite difficult to make unique and pull off. And finally I like adding science fiction elements to my writing, but I won’t write the next Ender’s Game.

I am looking at the calendar, perhaps you have noticed, it’s almost June. Which means my thriller is due! Well it is not ready, and I don’t want to rush through it, I like it so far, and it deserves a fair shake. Then I looked at what next month’s genre is supposed to be…. western.

I will never write westerns, nor do I even want to read one. I chose it because June needed something. I reserved Romance for July (my birthday month and the month I am going to Italy) and then picked randoms to fill in. To me, it makes no sense for my to pursue something that will not help in my ultimate goal, and rush through something that I am feeling.

So, I hear by Christian June as Thriller Month #2! Dedicated to writing the story, making it a longer one, and finishing it off right. I’ll do the thirteenth month in 2018 if I’m feeling good. Sorry to all you cowboys out there, I like your callused hands, just not stories about you. Unless of course its smut, then lasso me right in.