Reconnoitering Genres

12 months of genre exploration


Hello, my name is Decorous. Well, that is my pen name anyways, which is what I will use for now. I am a 26-year-old, living in the Pacific Northwest of America. I was born in Utah, but my many adventures have led me to believe that Salt Lake City will never be my home again. I have lived in Reading, England, Brisbane, Australia and now Oregon. I am not sure if Oregon is permanent, but I love it for now.

My day job involves educating youth, in the best subject (social studies) at a local middle/high school. I have one cat.

I want to try writing, which requires writing. So let me move in that direction in haste, for the normalcy of autobiographical writing in our society creates Napoleon complexes and self-hatred all in one. I have a healthy dose of both.