Reconnoitering Genres

12 months of genre exploration

The Challenge

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I often find myself reading a lot of different styles of literature thus I write in them as well. It is probably best practice to become a master in one genre, but I can’t choose my favorite! In comes my challenge idea- 12 months, 12 stories, 12 genres. It’s kind of like a year long buffet, where I try a little of everything before deciding what I want for seconds, thirds, and on a particularly gluttonous day… fourths.

Each month will be dedicated to a different style of writing. Now, my dear friend Stephen King taught me that if one doesn’t have time to read they don’t have time to write. So reading in the genre is going to be a big part of the challenge as well.

Each month I will do the following in the genre:

  • Read two famous short stories
  • Read one novel
  • Write one short story 10,000 words or less
  • Concentrate on one literary strategy per month (characterization, dialogue, etc.)

For the readings, I will write a review and let readers know what I learned from the experts.

For the story, I will share my character and the set planning, but I won’t share my plot structure because that could ruin the story!

And finally, for the literary strategy I will write about what I am learning, how I am applying it, and why it is important in good story telling.

So there you have it, my literary adventure! If you want to follow along and do your adventure with me, you can read the same books,  send me your stories,  and I will post the best ones!

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